Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (License #MFC50831)

With diverse training, Bill holds a law degree, a Master of Science degree in biology, and a Master of Arts degree in psychology. Prior to becoming a licensed marriage and family therapist, he pursued several different careers ranging from ecological research to environmental chemistry.

Addiction Counseling Specialist

Working with recovering addicts and alcoholics in a 12-step capacity for over 28 years, Bill has treated clients and their families as an MFT intern in a residential treatment facility and in private practice for several years before bringing his practice to the South Bay. He is also a Marijuana Addiction Treatment Specialist.

An adjunct faculty member of Phillips Graduate Institute, Bill's teaching interests include Introductory Research and Professional Project mentoring. His goal is to combine a diverse academic and life experience background with training in the social sciences to offer clients a unique clinical experience integrating science, addiction recovery and psychotherapy.

"I believe people who seek therapy are often stuck in a personal narrative that is viewed through a particular 'lens.' I invite clients to gaze back at the mirror I hold up for them in ways that allow them to view things from a different perspective, through a 'different pair of glasses.' I would be honored to accompany those who would travel this road of honest reflection and compassionate self-evaluation. Whether the issue is addiction, relationships, anxiety, depression or life crisis, I believe the client can uncover meaningful and empowering solutions to deal with life on life's terms."